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It’s A Family Affair


It all started with a gender reveal…  

The name Belle’s Essential was inspired by our daughter, Isabelle. We are a small family owned castor oil based business based in the Bronx. Born and raised in Jamaica (St. Mary and St. Ann) and living in the US 12- 16 years, we knew the power of using herbs for every kind of ailment. As a Jamaican you’d often hear- “Drink some tea fi dis or dat” and it was used a remedy for everything. As funny as it sounds, growing up in the countryside we had herbs for almost everything.  


In 2018 we found out we were having a daughter and we wanted to lay a foundation for her as a first generation African American. While brainstorming and researching, we thought, what better way to leave a legacy than bring her back to our roots and teach her the importance of self-care? We wanted her to learn to love herself first and give her the resources to care for her body using Jamaican herbs and natural products. We decided whatever decision she makes with her body is an option, not a defined choice.  


Here is where it all began, in the kitchen of our home in the Bronx. We did research for months and spoke with friends to ask what are some things we could provide. We went back home and worked with some of the best manufacturers for natural hair and skin care to use herbs derived from Jamaica.  


Our story...  A Family Legacy



Belle’s Essential utilizes Jamaican Black Castor Oil as the core ingredient for the products due to the numerous benefits it possesses.  Growing up we would usually use castor oil in so many different ways. It helped strengthening hair, stimulating hair growth, solving dryness and dandruff, conditioning the scalp, curing acne, relieving inflammation, promoting skin healing and serving as an anti-oxidant.  By serving as the base ingredient for all hair and skin care products that we create, we know it will always be a key ingredient in our customer’s health; whether it is hair, skin or for digestive intake. As a promise to our customers, we will never leave the roots of where we started. We bring Jamaica to the world through our products. Our aim is to create and specialize in African American hair and skin care. That’s where it all began.  



Our products are handmade and filled with natural herbs and essential oils from Jamaica. We take pride as a small business to showcase our products as we know the benefits and difference it will bring to replenish your body. Each day we take the time to research and ensure that we are offering the best to our clients as we want you to have an experience with our products. I always wanted to be a business owner. With my business management background, I knew the ins and outs of creating a business and finding different ideas to not only want to be successful but make an impact on the lives of others. -Evon


As a woman and naturalista, I would struggle to find products that work with my skin and hair. Growing up in the countryside I remember being looked down upon because my hair was never permed. I had to learn to love myself for who I was because my mother insisted not to let any of her girls perm their hair. I look back now and I am so grateful because I had to embrace who I was and enjoy being in my natural element. Our society doesn't get to see products made specially for colored skincare and haircare. Growing up I would see hair and skin products with tons of chemicals and things that cause my skin to become inflamed or irritated. I want our clients to have no fear in trying the products as they are as natural as it gets. I am excited to share meaningful experiences that will help someone to believe in who they are and know they deserve the best. -Kerene

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