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Natural Hair.

Natural Wear. Natural Care.

Our Story

It all started with a gender reveal…  
The name Belle’s Essential was inspired by our daughter, Isabelle. We are a small family owned castor oil based business based in the Bronx. Born and raised in Jamaica (St. Mary and St. Ann) and living in the US 12- 16 years, we knew the power of using herbs for every kind of ailment. As a Jamaican you’d often hear- “Drink some tea fi dis or dat” and it was used a remedy for everything. As funny as it sounds, growing up in the countryside we had herbs for almost everything.  





"My hair was shedding way too much and very dry. I started using the hair growth butter in 2020 and now my hair sheds less, is thicker, healthier and softer. My hair was fragile and limp, but now it is halfway to my waist. I also use the body butters on my skin. My skin and hair is in love. It's the best I've seen it in years. Love my hair growth journey. You were heaven sent. Thanks!!"

- Shanene



Romario P. 

In my teens I added chemicals to make my hair softer and curly and it damaged my scalp causing baldness in the crown of my head. I started using belle's Essential Hair growth oil and I not only  did It stop the balding but I not have long, luscious and healthy hair. 


Brittany F

I love their products! Especially the eczema butter, castor oil, and hair growth oil! I suffer from horrible eczema year round and have skin flares that leave me with uncomfortable dry spots and patches all over my body. I asked the owner what product she would recommend for someone like me that can’t handle too many fragrances on my sensitive skin and she sent me this butter. And babyyyyy, it’s extremely comforting and soothing and has helped my skin better than any steroids could. The all natural formula has worked wonders for me! Kerene ( the owner) even offered to customize the formula to give me more of the cooling effective I need in the summer and spring. I use the eczema butter year round and will continue to use it as long as she makes it! Highly recommend.


Tania M.

I really love this hair butter. I put it on my daughter's hair as well. It really works! It makes her hair so soft and easy to manage, plus it's making her hair grow and I love this smell. 

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